Text of Lesson #1 So How Do You Feel About Money?

Today, I want to discuss a topic viewed by many as a very personal matter.

Some adults believe discussing it in public is just plain rude. Some parents avoid talking to their kids about it at all. Their children are kept in the dark, left to find out what they can from the world around them. What is this private, controversial topic of extreme personal consequence?

The topic is money — specifically, your money.

Surprised? What did you think I was going to say? Unfortunately, adults have trouble discussing important personal matters with young people. Anyone who has sat through one of those uncomfortable facts-of-life talks with their parents already knows what I’m talking about. Well, at least you had “the talk.”

When it comes to money, too many families avoid the topic of personal finances altogether. It’s understood in some circles that discussing money is taboo. It is looked upon as being crass, rude or tasteless.

Unfortunately, this lack of discussion can cause people to be ill-informed and make bad financial choices. This ignorance is then passed on to each generation until someone is willing to break the silence and discuss the financial facts of life with their children.

We live in an economic system that revolves around money. You can’t escape it. Even those who go off to live in their own communities without electricity and modern conveniences still use money.

Money surrounds us, and it’s not going away. But before you can look at developing your own financial independence, you should examine your own attitudes toward money.